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New arrival to our team!! Colin Angus Driver 3.5t

New arrival to our team!! Colin Angus- Driver 3.5t

by  Huntingtower Removals on  13/04/2021    757 Reads

Huntingtower Removals would like to welcome Colin Angus to our evergrowing team. Colin has joined us as part of our delivery contract team and comes with over 30 years of driving experience and a wealth of knowledge of the area he will be working within. Having spent a good part of his working life delivering with John Menzies, Colin left to join Campbells as a delivery driver and then onto Sidey where he took a tep back from the wheel to gain experience within their Glazing factory. After over 10 years there, Colin now joins us for a fresh chalenge and will be joining our 4 strong contract delivery team delivering and collecting furniture for The British Heart Foundation here in Perth. 

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